MRI Services

Are you getting an MRI? MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) systems allow medical professionals to see inside the body with outstanding clarity. With MRI images, physicians can rule out problems, identify areas for treatment, and track progress with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. The scan does not involve surgery, radiation, hospitalization or side effects.

Preparing for your MRI

Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions, such as whether or not you can eat beforehand.

Please be aware that MRI technology is sensitive to metal. You will be asked to remove any metal before the test, including jewelry, clips and pins.

What to Expect during an MRI

  • The procedure takes about 45 to 90 minutes to complete.
  • The exam may require injection of a contrast media through intravenous therapy during the MRI procedure.
  • Patients recline comfortably on a cushioned table during the procedure and are asked to lie as still as possible.
  • Patients are in visual and audio contact with the technologist during the entire scan.

MRI is available at all UMass Memorial community hospitals. For patients who are claustrophobic or are unable to be comfortably accommodated with a high-field MRI system, UMass Memorial also offers an "open air" MRI system at the 214 Shrewsbury Street location in Worcester.