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Orthopedic Oncology (Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors)

If you are facing a diagnosis of a bone or soft tissue tumor, you need the most innovative care. UMass Memorial Health Care’s Orthopedic Oncology program in Worcester, MA, offers today’s most advanced treatment options in musculoskeletal care.

Musculoskeletal Tumor Treatment in Central Massachusetts

Our musculoskeletal tumor patients receive expert care through our Orthopedic Oncology program at the Medical Center in Worcester.  Patients with benign (non-cancerous) tumors, malignant (cancerous) and metastatic (spreading) bone and soft-tissue tumors receive the most advanced care from a team of physicians who have dedicated their careers to treating these conditions.

Our orthopedic oncology specialists provide a depth and breadth of clinical expertise that is unmatched in Central Massachusetts. We provide state-of-the-art treatment options, including:

  • Orthopedic surgery to remove tumors
  • Targeted chemotherapies
  • Access to new treatments through cancer research and clinical trials 

Our orthopedic oncologist is a member of  the respected UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence, and works closely with its extensive team of cancer specialists that includes experts in radiation therapy and chemotherapy. 

Patient and Family Support

We understand the emotional as well as physical effects of cancer, and we are committed to treating you and your family in an environment of compassion and support. That’s why we offer extensive support services at our Medical Center in Worcester and throughout the community, including:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Home care coordination
  • Genetic screening and counseling 
  • Pain management
  • Palliative care (quality-of-life care)
  • Support groups
  • On-site American Cancer Society Resource Center

Musculoskeletal Tumor Diagnosis

Because timely, accurate diagnosis and staging is critical for effective cancer treatment, our Orthopedic Oncology program offers all of the latest diagnostic technologies:

Musculoskeletal Tumor Treatment

Our orthopedic oncology team has expertise in treating patients with a wide variety of conditions which can affect many parts of the body and in some cases, may be extremely rare. These include both benign and malignant musculoskeletal tumors, including bone tumors and soft tissue tumors (tumor-like lesions), such as:

  • Benign (non-cancerous) bone and soft tissue tumors
  • Tumor-like diseases (Paget’s disease, fibrous dysplasia, osteopetrosis)
  • Malignant primary bone and soft tissue tumors (sarcomas) of the extremities, pelvis, and sacrum
  • Metastatic disease to the bone and soft tissues (cancers that spread to the bone from other places)

A complete list of the various musculoskeletal tumors treated can be found here. 

Multidisciplinary Care 

The diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal tumors requires the skills of many specialists. We bring together these specialists in a single setting (called multidisciplinary care). The UMass Memorial Cancer Center of Excellence musculoskeletal tumor multidisciplinary team holds regularly scheduled meetings (called Tumor Boards) where complex cases are discussed and reviewed, so that the best possible course of care can be recommended and instituted.  Here they discuss care for each patient and develop a thorough treatment program as a team. This provides you the best treatment plan possible and often results in significant improvements in patient care, survival rates, and a decrease in local recurrence. 


 Video Highlight

Mathew Most, MD discusses orthopedic oncology and our multidisciplinary approach to
treating patients.