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Telehealth Services We Provide

Clinical telemedicine services connect patients and health care providers, nationally and internationally, to UMass Memorial medical specialists in Central Massachusetts using interactive video or asynchronous store-and-forward technologies. Some of the programs that we offer virtually include:

  • eICU: Real-time remote monitoring and video intervention services performed by specially trained intensivists and guided with evidence-based critical care protocols
  • TeleStroke: Emergent live video neurology consultations for rapid stroke diagnosis and treatment decisions, including the administration of IV thrombolytics and stroke care
  • Neurology: Expert consultation, diagnosis, and treatment services for many neurological disorders, specializing in all conditions of the nervous system
  • Behavioral Health: Extending and enhancing the quality and availability of psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, counseling, and intervention services
  • Dermatology: Asynchronous remote reading of dermatology images, including diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Gastroenterology: Remote gastrointestinal consultations for capsule endoscopy, chronic disease management, medication management, dietary counseling, and abnormal lab screening
  • Infectious Disease: Infectious disease consults including rash diagnosis, antibiotic stewardship, and vaccination advisories for global travel
  • Cardiac Monitoring: Non-invasive heart rate and activity monitoring on a wearable device with the ability to take a medical-grade ECG capable of detecting arrhythmia
  • Radiology: Transmission of radiological imaging for the purpose of providing a primary or secondary interpretation by a remote radiologist
  • Surgery: Evaluation for surgical procedures, coordination of care, patient education, and remote pre-and post-operative assessment
  • Orthopedics: Nationally recognized orthopedic specialty team providing convenient, online consultations for musculoskeletal care and orthopedic treatment advice
  • Pediatrics: Comprehensive pediatric services that can be delivered virtually, from primary care to specialty care such as surgery, heart care, diabetes, and a variety of others
  • Preventive Care: Proactive wellness screening of medical and social history related to health, education and counseling to promote a healthy lifestyle