Meet Our Nutrition Providers

Our pediatric nutrition experts serve patients in Central Massachusetts from infancy into young adulthood with a variety of diagnoses. We see patients and their families for a variety of reasons including basic nutrition education as well as nutritional management of complex medical conditions. Our dietitians see hospitalized patients in the Pediatric Inpatient Unit on our University Campus and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit on our Memorial Campus. We also see patients for one to one consultations in the pediatric outpatient clinics in the Benedict and Ambulatory Care Center buildings on the University Campus.


  • Registered Dietitians, Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionists
    • Kattia Corrales-Yauckoes, MS, RD/LDN
    • Emma D'Arpino, RD/LDN
    • Sarah Derry, MS, RD/LDN
    • Jody Fleshman, MS, RD/LDN
    • Jennifer Hall, RDN/LDN, CLC
    • Vanessa Laffert, MEd, RD/LDN, CLC
    • Melanie Maletta, RD/LDN, CNSC, CSP
    • Susan Tripp, MS, RD/LDN, CNSC (Inpatients only)