Weight Center Care Team

Behavioral Health

At the Weight Center, we recognize the importance of understanding and modifying the behaviors that contribute to weight gain. Our behavioral health experts will meet with you to identify any behavioral or mental health concerns that could make it difficult for you to progress through the program and maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery. If necessary, referrals to the appropriate mental health resources for ongoing care may be recommended.


A team of registered dietitians will work with you both before and after surgery to make sure you feel prepared and ready for your new lifestyle. Being successful with weight loss surgery long term will depend on your ability to stick with diet and lifestyle changes for the rest of your life. Be prepared to make the following changes to your diet to ensure long term success:

  • Eliminating sugary drinks and soda
  • Eating smaller and more frequent meals
  • Eating on a schedule
  • Eating meals prepared mostly at home


Our exercise program uses a balanced and effective approach to physical activity.  The goal is to develop a personalized exercise plan you can incorporate into your daily life, leading to weight loss and better health.

You will work individually with a clinical exercise physiologist to develop a program and plan to best suit your ability and needs. You will learn:

  • How to increase motivation for exercise
  • Techniques to adapt exercise for physical limitations
  • Strategies and resources for limited time and equipment