Weight Center Exercise Program

Our exercise program uses a balanced and effective approach to physical activity.  The goal is to develop a personalized exercise plan you can incorporate into your daily life, leading to weight loss and better health.

You will work individually with a clinical exercise physiologist to develop a program and plan to best suit your ability and needs. You will learn:

  • How to increase motivation for exercise
  • Techniques to adapt exercise for physical limitations
  • Strategies and resources for limited time and equipment 

Our exercise providers hold masters degrees in clinical exercise physiology. They provide exercise education, coaching, and instruction for weight loss as well as health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and joint pain.  

In this video of her group presentation, exercise physiologist Janet Huehls discusses the components of an effective exercise program for weight loss, dispels common myths and gives you tools for staying motivated.  You can also download the handout to follow when watching the video.

The video is about 60 minutes long. While we suggest you watch the full video, you can also fast-forward to the topics that interest you most. Below are the topics and times:

Start       Information on the exercise program 
2:53       How to build internal motivation 
9:30       Components of a well balanced exercise program
11:00     Lifestyle activity/using a pedometer
23:14     Cardiovascular exercise
36:45     Strength training
50:27     Stretching
54:54     Keeping exercise safe
57:12     Exercise before and after surgery

For more information, call the UMass Memorial Weight Center at 774-443-3886.