How to Get Involved

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PFAC how to get involved

UMass Memorial Medical Center works in partnership with patients and their family members to look at and improve our services. We value and count on the patient perspective to help shape and evaluate patient- and family-centered care. There are several opportunities to get involved in the improvement of work now underway or yet to begin at UMass Memorial. These include: joining the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), other councils, committees, or workgroups within UMass Memorial.

Who is eligible to participate in a council, committee or work group?

Those who have received care at the hospital or one of the outpatient clinics of UMass Memorial, or their family members, are eligible for council membership and/or joining other committees or workgroups.

Qualities that help council, committee or workgroup members work well together include the ability to:

  • Acknowledge and listen to different opinions
  • Respectfully share points of view
  • Express experiences in ways that others can learn
  • Work well with other council members
  • Participate in scheduled PFAC meetings
  • Serve on other hospital committees and or workgroups
  • Support the vision/mission of PFAC and UMass Memorial Medical Center.

We are now recruiting individuals for both the Patient and Family Advisory Council and a variety of workgroups. Please share your expertise with us and apply by filling out our inquiry form.

Share your interests and explore partnering with UMass Memorial:
If you are interested in participating in a council, committee, or workgroup or learning more, fill out our inquiry form to share your interests and contact information or e-mail A PFAC member will contact you to discuss opportunities and answer any questions you may have.

The PFAC is kept to a size that promotes sharing and collaborative work. When PFAC membership is full, applicants may be asked to apply at another time or consider joining an alternative committee or workgroup. You may also wish to learn more about our UMass Memorial volunteer program. There are lots of opportunities to get involved!