Cardio-oncology Clinic

Survival rates for cancer have increased significantly over the years thanks to better treatment with chemotherapy and radiation. And while this is great news, some cancer fighting drugs can lead to heart problems or make existing heart problems worse. Heart problems that can arise from cancer treatment include heart failure, heart attacks, high or low blood pressure, and arrhythmias. If you or someone you know is at risk for cancer-related heart complications, our clinic can help.

Focused on Preventing Heart Damage Caused by Cancer Treatments

At UMass Memorial Medical Center our team of cardiac experts works with you through your cancer treatment to help prevent the harmful effects it has on your heart. Our program has experience in the diagnosis and management of heart conditions throughout all stages of cancer treatment.

  • Before treatment: A pre-treatment assessment can be performed if you have cardiovascular risk factors or existing cardiac disease prior to intensive or cardio-toxic cancer therapy.
  • During treatment: If you develop a potential cardiovascular symptom or show other evidence of cardiac injury while receiving active treatment, you can be promptly evaluated so that optimal cancer therapy can continue without interruption.
  • Survivors: Cancer survivors, particularly those exposed to cardio-toxic treatments, such as anthracyclines and/or chest radiation, are at risk for developing cardiac disease in the years after their initial treatment. You can be followed to ensure appropriate control of cardiovascular risk factors and early detection of problems that may arise.